Friday, September 8, 2017

New Autumn Projects
Scarecrow Door Hanger 

Fall Leaf String Art Blocks


Sitting Scarecrow
Pumpkin String Art Plaque

Monday, August 28, 2017

New Fall Items 
 These are some new items more to come.
Fall Banner

School Blocks

Wise Owl

Welcome Sign

You are Loved Sign

Acorns Set of 3

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hippity Hop Bunny

Hippity Hoppity down the bunny trail we go.
This bunny will brighten your home for Easter coming.  The bunny is 9" tall and the blocks are covered in high quality scrapbook paper.  With vinyl for the Hippity Hoppity words.  

Contact us to get your now at and also on Facebook/Sliverz

Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop is the name of our new bunny.  He is perfect for the Easter holiday hopping up on us quickly.  

It is about 11" tall and has high quality scrapbook paper and embellished with flowers.

Contact us at or 435-764-4852 to schedule a craft night.

Easter Egg

Easter eggs are the tradition for the holiday.  
This simple and darling is sure to add perfectly to your Easter decor.
We love how it turned out and used a new 
technique to make the Easter word look antiqued.

It stands 12" tall and has high quality scrapbook paper.

Contact us today to order yours for you decor. or on Facebook.

Easter Carrot

 Easter is coming quick here is the new Carrot that we designed.
This carrot can be a door hanger or also hang on the wall.

It is about 15" long, is covered in material
 and embellished to cuteness.

Contact us to order yours at or on Facebook.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Love Story Plaque

Love Valentine's but also loved this quote so much I needed it.
It is perfect for the season also.  You can also keep it up year round by painting it a different color to match your decor.
It is 10x18 inches tall.  
You can't go wrong by even giving it as a gift.

Contact us at

Heart Hanger

 Heart hanger is darling and perfect for your front door even in your home.
Valentine's is just around the corner and what better thing than this adorable heart to hang.
It is 17" tall and is simple to make and put together.

Contact us to get yours today

Love is Sweet!

Love is Sweet for Valentines.  This love word is the perfect sweet to brighten your home for the holiday of Love.  Who doesn't love cupcakes especially chocolate one's on Valentines.
Love stands about 8" tall and is
embellished with high quality scrapbook paper and embellishments.
Contact us to order yours at or on Facebook/Sliverz

Valentine Subway Art

Valentine's is right around the corner.  What a better way to celebrate with this Valentine Subway Art Plaque.  It is perfect for any space and adorns your home with the holiday spirit. 
The plaque is 13" square made with high quality vinyl and high quality paint of a luscious pink color.
Order yours for your Valentine
Contact us at
or on Facebook/Sliverz

Brrr Snowman

Brrr Snowman
 Brrr it is cold outside.  What a better way than to have this Snowman displayed for the season. 
Wrap up in a warm blanket with cocoa and watch the snow fall. 
The Snowman is 7 1/2 tall and has high quality embellishments and vinyl. 
Order yours today.
on Facebook/Sliverz